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companyDORI - DARMON Garant


The LLC “Dori-DarmonGarant“ is one of the most important part of the JSC“Dori-Darmon” supply chain system.

Professionally competent employees begin to control the supply of goods under their unloading before reception to the warehouse.

The designation of cargo, the number of seats, conformity with shipping documents, the quality and integrity of the packages are checked.

Circumspect and multi-level security system, strict compliance with the customs legislation are the guarantee of success work of the LLC “Dori-DarmonGarant” in the field of customs goods’ processing.

In 2013 a new modern customs warehouse of the LLC “Dori-DarmonGarant “ was commissioned. The total area of the customs warehouse is 2379 square meters, which will allow to raise the storage service standard to the maximal mark.

The new warehouse is primarily designed to store pharmaceutical product. The entire warehouse, including the storage premises for products that are required to keep under  the predetermined temperature are equipped with a modern fire alarm system and CCTV.

Warehouse has an isolated, specially equipped area, which provides the appropriate conditions to storage and preservation of drugs according to their physic-chemical and pharmacological properties.

Customs warehouse has high-tech loading and unloading equipment, certified weight equipment.

There is a secured fenced territory for parking of heavy vehicles-FSD in the area of customs warehouse.